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We want to build our veteran community through group hikes in Louisiana. Our goal is to grow a veteran community centered around outdoor activities such as backpacking, hiking, and kayaking.  We strongly encourage veterans to attend but our events are open to non-veterans as well.  We just ask that non-veterans give a small donation to our veteran wilderness therapy program.  This will support our veteran community and directly help fund our program. These hikes will feature an introduction to backpacking and hiking lecture and a “Day Hike” through a Louisiana wilderness area where we put into action some of the basic skills that we will cover. These wilderness hikes are meant to create an outdoor experience that is physically challenging and rewarding while engaging with other veterans and building a community of like-minded vets with shared experiences. These hikes will be posted on our social media accounts as well as on our website through our events tab. The list below will show the upcoming dates and wilderness locations:

  • 1/27/2024 – Acadiana Park – Navigation Course
  • 2/4/2024 – Kisatchie Bayou Loop Trail
  • 2/17/2024 – Longleaf Vista Trail + Turpentine Hill to Backbone Hike
  • 2/24/2024 – Acadiana Park – Navigation Course
  • 2/25/2024 – Sam Houston Jones State Park
  • 3/2/2024 – Backbone Trail
  • 3/9/2024 – Clark Creek + Tunica Hills – Hike & Overnight Camping
  • 3/16/2024 – Port Hudson Historical Site
  • 3/23/2024 – Acadiana Park – Navigation Course
  • 3/30/2024 – Richardson Creek

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Avatar The Bullfrog

Author: The Bullfrog

The “Bullfrog” is the founder of the AcadianX Warrior Program and its Lead Expedition Guide. Inspired by his love of adventure he continues to explore his world and pass on what he has learned through a lifetime of wilderness ventures. Jeremiah is a former Navy SEAL and a veteran of the deep sea diving industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been trained in advanced field medical practices at the Special Operations Medical Training Course in Ft. Bragg, NC. In addition he is an expert in expedition planning and navigation and is responsible for most of the trips taken on by AcadianX.

Jeremiah has successfully guided multi-day backpacking adventures to places such as the Grand Canyon NP, Yellowstone NP, Yosemite NP, The Everglades NP, Death Valley NP, Zion NP, and Glacier NP just to name a few. He possesses world class leadership skills and loves to teach others the joy of exploring their world. His most memorable experiences are when he takes his teenage daughter on his adventures with him because the memories they create together will last a lifetime.

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